The most unusual things to do in Melbourne for a memorable experience

Given its love for music and an endless number of iconic attractions, it should come as no surprise that Melbourne is one of the most popular places to visit in Australia. Besides that, the city is also partly known for fine-dining experience for all budgets, excellent street art, and most importantly, cultural diversity. Melbourne has truckloads of things to offer to every traveler given that it is home to various popular tourist attractions and a plethora of fun and engaging activities. However, there’s much more to the city than you know. If you look beyond all the hyped things the city has to offer, you will find some of the most unusual things that are sure to give any visitor a truly enriching, fascinating, and offbeat experience. Sometimes, choosing off the beaten tourist path is the key to collecting some unforgettable memories in a place that you may or may not have visited before.

And if you are willing to gain such offbeat experience in Melbourne then make sure that you enjoy some of these unusual things that we have listed below to make your trip more fun and lively.


Enjoy a ride on a hot air balloon

Getting an aerial view of Melbourne city is a one-of-a-kind experience and if you want to experience such a thing then there can be no better way to do it than taking a ride on a hot air balloon. If the reports are to be believed, there is no other major city in the world that offers hot ballooning experience; therefore, you should consider yourself lucky if you ever get a chance to take a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne’s cityscape. Each hot air balloon can carry up to 12 people at max and the soft cushiony base also make the entire ride a lot more comfortable.


Solve puzzles and riddles at Escape room
Escape rooms are very much popular in the city; it is possibly one of the most hyped things in Melbourne which attracts both locals and tourists. It is a great time pass where you can spend around 70 minutes. All the escape rooms differ from each other in themes and the only thing that binds them together is to solve the puzzle and riddles within 70 minutes. You are provided with certain clues in the locked room, and by taking a hint from those clues you will have to figure a way out from the room and also to solve the puzzle. We have to say, these escape rooms are a pretty interesting way to keep things engaging in the city when you have nothing else to do.


Visit the royal botanic gardens

The royal botanic garden is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city and that can be easily figured through its reporting in almost every guidebook. However, to date, many people are not aware of the most beautiful way to wander through the botanic gardens. It was in back 2013 when punt tours were commenced which allowed the visitors to explore the garden through the waters of the lake. And these punt tours are still offered in the gardens, therefore, the next time you visit it, make sure to take a ride in this boat which lasts for 30 minutes.


Enjoy mobile dining

It’s no secret that Australia is well recognized for offering excellent dining experience and if you are willing to take this dining experience to next level, then make sure to visit one of many mobile restaurants in the city. From trams and trains to boats and planes, you will have plenty of mobile restaurants to choose from. Enjoying mobile dining is again a very unique experience, if there’s any special occasion coming up shortly; this is possibly the best way to do something special and extra from your end.


Admire the waterfalls

Waterfalls are truly stunning, aren’t they? The soft sound of water rushing down from the top of the mountain and the surrounding lush greenery just makes the whole experience even more beautiful and mystical. Victoria is known to house some of the most stunning waterfalls in the region, therefore, if you are looking to visit one of such natural wonders that also offer a picturesque view of the area, now you know where to come.

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