Exciting ways to get the most out of Macau’s nightilife

Macau is a city that is on the bucket list of many travelers. It is a vibrant city that offers its visitors many different experiences that are truly fun and exciting. There is a lot to do and many sights to behold in your memories. And when it comes to nightlife it is so vivacious and fun that you can’t afford to miss it. There are plenty of things to do when the light of the sun fades out. Below we have listed our top picks you can consider to include in your travel journey.


Take your chances in the casino

You are in Macau so how can you miss that one thing it is famous for. Just take a stroll along the Cotai Strip, and then head to one of its casinos to try your luck. Do you know Macau is home to the largest casino in the world? The Venetian alone is a place that has been spread across 550,000 sq ft and has over 3400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables. You may feel overwhelmed if you are visiting a casino for the first time. And you definitely need not worry about the budget as it suits the demand of every person.


Dance the night away

Your journey can never be complete if you do not visit one of the upscale nightclubs of Macau. In case you are staying in the Cotai area, you are damn lucky as you will find a nightclub over there where you can dance your heart out. There is the Galaxy’s China Rouge in its vicinity which is a lounge, club, cabaret, art gallery and much more. Visiting this night club would be one of those experiences you would tell your friends about. Apart from this happening place, there is also Macau’s largest club, City of Dreams’ Club Cubic. This particular place was opened in 2011 and now is a host to many international artists such as LMFAO, Steve Aoki, and Flo Rida.


Take it to the Next Level

If you are not a person who gets an adrenaline rush with high music and night parties, then try out something that satisfies your adventurous side. Go to the top of Macau tower and sock in its serene views. And then when the night sets in, jump off the highest bungee jump in the world. It would be one of those experiences that you would remember throughout your life. The jump you perform is at a height of 233 m. It is not compulsory to do it at night, you can even perform it in the day also. But when you do it in the night, it is something that is next level with romance and charm to it. You even get to accumulate memories with videos and photos with each second of your experience recorded.


Enjoy World-Class entertainment

There has to be plenty of entertainment options if you are in Macau. Macau is a city of dreams that hosts an award-winning theatre production, The House of Dancing Water. It has been produced by director Franco Dragone featuring gymnasts, divers, acrobats, and actors. There is also a spectacular magic show in Macau that is hosted by Studio City and created by Franz Harary. This person is really famous for making a space shuttle vanish and that too on live television.


Enjoy a hearty meal

It is one of the simplest things you can do to make yourself happy and content. Macau is one of those places that has plenty of options for those visitors that simply enjoy food. You would find a stretch of restaurants at Senado that offers you delicious Cantonese and Chinese cuisine. The most famous places include the Cantonese eatery Wong Chi Kei and Tou Tou Koi. They are well-known for their Chinese hotspot dishes that are cooked traditionally. Antonio at the Old Taipa Village is one of the places you can go to have the most authentic Portuguese fare.

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