Striking Travel Destinations In Cuba

There are endless reasons to visit Cuba. The country is packed with the most exciting things to do, to see, and to explore. If you ask us what makes Cuba a tourist hotspot, the list of exciting things can be pretty long. Luscious tropical forests, wonderful green backdrop, stunning coastline, balmy climate, popping culture, vibrant history, great hospitality, fascinating gastronomy, and much more, told you the list can be pretty long!

The massive island nation can be hard to cover in a short itinerary and by visiting the place you’ll surely crave for a second trip, it’s that beautiful!

So, to add the best to your memories we have picked up 5 striking destinations you must visit to make the best of your sojourn.


Varadero Town

Varadero is the country’s one of the best beach destinations and is a must addition to your itinerary.
The neoclassical architecture, laid-back culture, bustling streets, white-sand beaches, and delectable seafood have been a huge draw for the tourists. It is a perfect tourist town with stunning scenery and awe-inspiring naturalscape.
Apart from beaches, the town also has many exciting natural gems that you must explore. The top attractions in the city are

Saturno Cave
Parque Josne
Varadero Ecological Park


Santiago De Cuba

The place is overwhelmed with an exciting history, culture, food, and spots that will etch your mind with an indelible experience. The place gives you a glimpse of the glorified past of the country and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back into the bygone era.
If you love history you ought to visit Santiago De Cuba. The place is famous for its colonial structures and among all the exciting attractions the most popular are the Parque Cespedes- a prominent plaza dotted with various structures, and Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca, a beautiful 17th-century fortress.



The capital city is worthy of being explored. The city is quite a hype among the world’s travelers and we must say it lives up to all that hype. Unique and modern architecture, lively culture, vibrant nocturnal, spectacular natural scenery makes Havana a different place than the rest of the country.
You’ll surely spend an absolute time here doing endless adventurous quests. Apart from relishing sigh tours also add a unique experience to your itinerary by engaging in various adventure sports activities such as swimming, fishing, and snorkeling in your stay in Havana.



Another gem of the country is Trinidad. The place has everything- a dose of history, a dose of nature, a dose of unique cuisines- an Avant grade traveler’s ideal spot. Here, you can see a plethora of museums, neo-Baroque structures, exceptional cultural artifacts, and much more. Among all the enthralling attractions the most visited is the Palacio Brunet mansion that depicts the beautiful architecture feat of the region.
The region is easy to navigate through and the friendly locals just make the trip a memorable one. Don’t forget to taste a vast range of Cuban Cuisine in your stopover to Trinidad.



The place is popularly known as the “Pearl Of South” and is home to several unique structures, homes dating back to the 1950s era, stunning parks, modern architecture, bustling city life, and a vast stretch of white sand beaches spanning across the city. If you want to witness the architectural feats of the nineteenth century you ought to visit the place. The thing that you might not find captivating is the lack of restaurants and cafes in the city but for that you have Trinidad.
Cienfuegos is an idyllic haven that you can’t miss exploring.

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