Tips to make your Bali trip a memorable one

This popular Indonesian island is often described as a paradise that has a plethora of beautiful and alluring landscape oceanic views. It is the first choice among people who are looking for some relaxing time with a sun-filled escape. It is such a famous tourist place that the economy of the island is primarily dependent on tourism. Have a fun-filled experience at this dazzling place by following some of our expert tips below-


DO dress appropriately

It is not a place to show off your skimpiest outfits. You cannot roam around freely on the beaches in your swimsuits and bikinis. In some places, you can surely do but not on all of them. Such is the scenario due to the reason that Bali is a Hindu conservative place where locals don’t appreciate such exposure of skin. So be careful with your clothes when you go on a vacation to the island. Yes, it is hot but try to keep your knees and shoulders covered especially in sacred places such as temples.


Avoid heading to Kuta

If you are heading out to Bali with your family or going for a honeymoon, you should definitely be struck off Kuta on your list. Yes, we are probably asking you for the first time to do so. It is not the place for you. Kuta is often referred to as the mecca of drunken “bules” where you would only capture the scenes of tourist traps, bars, and clubs. You would not witness anything that would relate to the alluring beauty and natural scenic views of Bali. It would not excite you until you are the one who wants to indulge into heavy drinking and get wasted to relive your Spring Break. Save yourself from the biggest disappointment as even the beaches are underwhelming over there. Include other awesome destinations of the island by doing thorough research.


Learn the basic language

What would be better than learning a local language if you want to indulge in the local culture of the place? It helps you in getting friendly with the locals and even avoid any kind of trouble for yourself. Generally, there are two languages you can learn to make your stay more enjoyable in Bali. First is the local language, Balinese and another one is the Indonesian Bahasa that is spoken all over the country. Most of the foreigners prefer to learn Bahasa as it helps in communicating with other people alongside the Bali people. We have listed some basic words in Balinese you should definitely know for your next trip-
Thankyou- Sukusma
I’m Sorry- Ampura
Hello- Swastyastu
You’re welcome- Rahajeng rahau


DO make sure to cross the road carefully

Bali is not a place where you would find people obeying the traffic rules very diligently especially the motorcyclists. They drive everywhere. By everwhere, we literally mean everywhere. It can be the pedestrian sidewalks and even the wrong side of the road. They can pop up from anywhere and go in any direction. So as it is said your safety is in your own hands so make sure to see on both sides while you cross a road, even it is a one-side street.


DO try the local Arak

Although you may find everything cheap in Bali as compared to the west, but alcohol, no it is not that you can afford easily. It costs much more than you would find in America. Even the cheapest bottle costs USD 8 and that too tastes like crap. But don’t worry, we have a perfect replacement for you. Instead of going for the imported one, try the local Arak. It is a distilled spirit that is made from coconut or rice. Mix it with a soda or juice to have the best taste.

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