How to get the most awesome experience of Cape Town?

If you are bored with your daily, sophisticated life, Cape Town can be the perfect espace to get away from your monotonous routine. It is a place that offers its visitors everything from world-class food to the most happening nightlife. Cape Town has such a unique and lively vibe that everyone gets attracted by its sleek metropolitan style. Enjoy the place to its greatest extent by visiting all of its fantastic excursions available. Don’t just be restricted to popular places, instead, explore the lesser-known alternatives. Get interactive to know the real Cape Town by getting off the beaten path while following these awesome tips to make the trip a memorable one.



DO: Walk in the Footsteps of Mandela
DON’T: Bus Tour
If you want to get a sight of the city that most of the tourists don’t get to experience, we have a fascinating tip for you. It would give you the reasons for the questions people generally have about this unusual town. Tie up your trainers and set out to get one of the most unique tours of the city along with the most knowledgeable guides. The traditional bus tours would not be able to give you that kind of insight into the city if you are a person that is curious to know each and every detail. You can even have a personalized tour planned if you prefer to go by walk.



DO: Wine Blending
DON’T: Wine Tasting
You can’t have a wholesome experience of the Cape Town if you don’t pay a visit to its wine region. While most of the people opt for a wine tasting session, we would recommend you to do something unique by blending your own tipple. Have a personalized experience by going on a small group tour that is generally conducted by a member of the Momberg family. It is a 1.5-hour excursion that includes several interesting activities such as a cellar tour, an explanation of “How wine is made?”, blind tasting and freshly baked pootbrod. You allowed to bring home a complimentary bottle of wine.




DO: Seal Snorkelling
DON’T: Shark Cage Diving
Everyone is familiar with the famous cage diving that Cape Town offers its visitors. But if you want to have a more fantastic wildlife experience, we would recommend you to go for a much friendly trip to Duiker Island. It is a half-day excursion that makes you witness the 15000 playful and curious Cape Fur Seals and that too in the natural habitat. This would surely be one of those unforgettable experience you would cherish afterward. You can take a wholesome advantage if you know how to swim.




DO: Uthando
DON’T: Township Tour
We would suggest you not going on a typical township tour that has been repeated a million times. It won’t excite you as you would have thought. So to get a fascinating experience of the townships of Cape Town, go on a trip with a famous charity organization, Uthando. On this extremely interesting ride, you get to participate in some meaningful experiences rather than stoping on observing stops you do on the traditional tours. Get a chance to interact with the local community by taking an interest in the authentic projects related to different themes such as music, animal welfare, urban agriculture, education and many more. And the best part is you will get to see results of what inputs you have made in the form of donations in different development projects. It would definitely take you to the next level leaving you with a wonderful feeling.

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