Ways to spend a fun-filled vacation in Malibu

Malibu, widely known for its celebrity homes and beaches, is a beautiful beach city in California. With houses situated high up on the cliffs overlooking vast and gorgeous beaches and the stunning view of the Pacific, Malibu makes for an excellent spot to spend your days by the beach in the most relaxing and lavish way. This coveted city is brimming with picturesque coastlines and all things exciting. Visitors easily tend to fall in love with this place owing to its super good looking appearance and tons of exciting things to see and do around. From beach hopping and surfing to taking a wine tour and nature excursions, gorgeous Malibu has plenty of fun things to offer to all its visitors. If you have any plans to visit Malibu in the near future or have already planned a trip to this city, use this article as your guide as we have highlighted some of the most fabulous things you can see and do in this laidback yet gorgeous city.


Go surfing

Malibu is best known for its glistening ocean and rolling waves, and if you are looking to indulge in some outdoor water activities, then you must go surfing and ride the gentle waves at the beach. Zuma Beach and County Line are some of the best spots to enjoy surfing. If you haven’t tried surfing before, you can choose to take surfing lessons at Radfish Malibu.


Explore the Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum

Whether or not you’re a history or ecology admirer, visiting the Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum can be a spectacular experience. Built in 1929, Adamson House is one of the most popular historical sites in the city. Although the property is quite smaller in size, the artifacts, detailing, and features present within and outside the house is simply breathtaking and awe-inspiring. The Malibu Lagoon Museum is located alongside the Adamson House, it features an assortment of beautiful artifacts, photographs, and certain documents depicting the rich history of this colorful city.


Visit Malibu Creek State Park

For all the adventure seekers and nature lovers out there, Malibu Creek State Park is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots for hiking and camping. It is a family-friendly park featuring 15 miles of hiking trails and some swimming holes. Teemed with wildlife, the park is encompassed with hiking trails and swimming holes. Fun fact, both M*A*S*H and Planet of the Apes were filmed here; you might be able to spot the remnants of their set.


Go on a wine safari

You might have been on a jungle safari but have you ever been on a wine safari? If not, then Malibu will give you several opportunities to gain this experience. Malibu wine safari combines the experience of viewing and feeding safari animals while also making a stop on the way to sample some local wines. This trip comprises of tons of fun, adventure, and wine, and if you are looking to partake in this unique style of wine tasting, you can find several places within the city that takes you on a trip around the vineyard.


Visit the Getty Villa

If you are visiting Malibu from LA, you will come across the Getty Villa on the way, which is a must-visit place in the city. The villa displays the collection of Getty’s art, which comprises of Greek and Roman art. In addition to that, the villa also boasts of four gorgeously manicured gardens featuring Roman models and plants from the ancient Mediterranean that provide a sense of authenticity and calmness. At present, more than 1,200 artifacts are put on display in about 23 galleries.

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