Top reasons why you should consider visiting Singapore post coronavirus

Life was so easy before the outbreak of coronavirus. Everybody could step out, go on a vacation, hang out with friends at a club, enjoy movies, and whatnot. While all that might have come to a stall, traveling is something that never really got discontinued, although it has sunk down quite drastically over the course of the last few months. Being cooped up inside your home for days, if not months is no easy task; it can get boring as hell. However, given the current scenario when COVID-19 cases continue to surge globally, staying home is probably your safest bet, and when this nightmare is over for good, you can go all places you want without having to worry about catching the virus during your trip.

We all could use a nice vacation post coronavirus, and while we have no idea about when this nightmare will be over for good, in the meantime, you can brainstorm some vacation ideas so that all you will have to do is packing and book flights the day coronavirus gets over. To make things easier for you, we just know of this one destination that will assure a wonderful time, no matter your interests or preferences. And it’s none other than Singapore, which is a sovereign island city-state in Southeast Asia boasting of endless charm and all things exciting.
Listed below are all the reasons you need to know to make you wanna visit Singapore post coronavirus.


Explore the wild side of Singapore

Although the majority of Singapore is masked with towering buildings, making up for the iconic skyline of marina bay, the country also hosts a network of parks that make up 46 percent of the nation. Singapore’s parks are managed by the national parks board; all different kinds of parks are situated within the country, including family-friendly Kent Ridge Park and East Coast Park (seaside promenade).


Admire modern art and architecture

Singapore is a literal paradise for all the art and architecture lovers out there. Singapore’s approach to turning itself into the futuristic garden city is going pretty well, and the recent developments in Marina Bay are a fine example of the same. Marina Bay used to be nothing but a land of sea and sky, and if you look at this place today, all you will see is an impressive skyline filled with towering buildings. The skyline includes a variety of architectural marvels, including the Gardens by the Bay, the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, and much more. Additionally, you can also visit the museums in the nation such as the Singapore Art Museum, Red Dot Design Museum, and Singapore National Gallery, these museums display a collection of the world’s finest art pieces.


The amazing food culture

Singapore is a culturally and religiously diverse country, and being home to people of all different cultures and religions certainly has influenced the nation’s lifestyle. The diversity of culture can easily be reflected through its amazing food culture. You can enjoy culinary experiences from all different countries in the form of the cuisines available at the restaurants, as well as the hawker centers where you can find dishes of all types, and what’s more surprising is they are pretty cheap.



It’s very rare to find a city that’s free of unpleasant smells and all that hideous litter, however, Singapore might leave you really surprised, considering how clean the city is. No wonder it’s deemed one of the cleanest cities in the world, all thanks to the rules concerning spitting and littering. The streets of the city are ridiculously clean, and that certainly calls for a visit, because like we said, it has become quite rare to find an inhabited place that is litter-free.

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