Best Private travel experiences to spend some days in seclusion

Staying trapped inside your home for months can be a very stressful and frustrating thing to do, and after having been cooped up inside your home during the entire lockdown, it’s only fair to yearn for a relaxing mini-vacation, where you can wind from all that stress and rejuvenate yourself. Since lockdown restrictions have started to ease and everybody is getting used to the new normal, going out other than to a grocery store is becoming a more feasible option, people are keeping themselves open to every kind of traveling idea even if it means taking the luxury route to spend some time in privacy and exclusiveness. With safety being your first priority, going private is the new take on travel as it won’t expose you to a lot of human contacts, and social distancing is the key to keeping you and others safe.

In addition to the luxury private experiences, there are some affordable options too, depending on your budget; you can pick a way to spend some days away from your work and home in seclusion.


Road trip

You can never ever go wrong with a road trip, and during this pandemic situation, it is arguably one of the best ways to take a short break from your work and daily chores and do some exploration. You can pick any destination of your choice, and instead of booking hotel rooms, trying getting vacation homes or Airbnb so that you can keep yourself from coming in contact with a large number of people. Pack all the necessary items, including sanitary and hygiene products.


Set your camp in the middle of nowhere

Camping is yet another excellent way to spend some time in seclusion and peace. However, instead of picking a campsite that remains packed or crowded, set your camp in the most unusual place. Choosing a remote location for setting your camp comes with its own set of advantages, not only will you be able to maintain the norms of social distancing but will also get the entire place to yourself where you can feel at peace.


Travel across the country in an RV

RVing has become a very popular means of traveling; its popularity is believed to have skyrocketed in the recent few months. If you have been planning for a holiday with your friends or family, RVing is possibly your safest bet, and the best part is it’s entirely private, meaning that you won’t have to worry about social distancing. If you don’t own an RV, you can get one on rent, and the procedure to book an RV is also very easy. Once you have an RV, you can choose to travel across the country.


Rent a private island

If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious vacation, then renting a private island is possibly the best thing to do. Spending your days on the beach, soaking up nature, and basking in the sun can truly be one of the best feelings. While this may sound extravagant, it certainly is one of the coolest and finest ways to spend your vacation privately. Apart from a few expensive options, there are also some affordable alternatives within the US as well. Renting a private island is a great way to avoid crowds, which should always be your first priority.


Fly private to a remote destination

Flying private is as extravagant as it gets. And if you want to spend your vacation in a more extravagant and luxe way, then flying private is how you should do it. Depending on how you would like to fly, you can choose amongst a helicopter, plane, or jet that will take you anywhere you want.

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