How to plan an incredible trip to Orlando, Florida?

Whenever someone mentions Orlando, the first thing we think about is their exclusive theme parks as well as amusement centers. They are the life of Orlando and must be the only reason why you are planning your trip to this gorgeous destination. Orlando is a hub of such thrilling and incredible theme parks that even if you are planning to visit Disney World alone, you will end up going to a lot of other parks too. Since this can be a deviation from your original plan, it is bound to burn a hole in your pocket. So, to make sure that this doesn’t happen, we have listed some really worthy tips so that you can plan the most incredible trip to Orlando and remember it for a lifetime.


Visit in Off-season

Of course, this one is a necessity if you really want to save your money on this trip to Orlando. The thing about Orlando is that they are literally so many theme parks that you can have the best holiday ever. If you are looking for a family holiday during major festivities like Chrismas or Spring break then it might turn out to be really expensive. So, it is always recommended to visit during the off-season so that you can save on the flights at least. If you want to have a taste of the summer weather, then you can visit at that time but it can be very humid. On the other hand, the winter months of January and February can be chiller but the weather is much more pleasant than the summer months. So, the best time as per the crowd, weather and money is- October because the temperature is also pleasant and this time also marks Halloween-themed events.


Plan a longer trip for better deals

The thing about this incredible land of Orlando is that if you plan a long trip like for 2-3 weeks, then you are in a position to have better deals and offers. This is because, for longer trips, you have better chances to avail of incredible deals that might be prevalent at that time. So it is recommended to visit Orlando for as long as possible. Also, this is important because you won’t like to come back without exploring all the major theme parks and amusement parks. For instance, The tickets for Walt Disney World Ultimate and Universal Orlando Park Explorer costs almost the same whether you’re buying a 7-day, 14-day or 21-day ticket. Then what is the point of planning a shorter trip?


Plan a travel itinerary in advance

All the major theme parks that you are planning to go to are going to be crowded all the time. This way you can experience a lot of local crowds if not tourists. Orlando tends to be crowded all year round though and that is why it is important to plan your travel appropriately. Research the flights, accommodations, timings of opening and closing, parking fees, conveyance charges to get there and most importantly- how much time are you going to spend at each of the theme parks. In this itinerary, you must include your food visits as well as certain other attractions apart from theme parks. Make reservations for everything!


Book accommodation in a feasible area

Planning a trip to Orlando for a much longer period also calls for booking an appropriate accommodation for oneself. This is because after you have planned an entire itinerary for yourself, this will decide where you want your accommodation that is, nearby which place. For all those who are visiting Orlando for the first time, they must book their stay in Southwest Orlando. This place is a hub of the most popular sightseeing spots and theme parks. If you want to have the best taste of Orlando then this is your place to stay. On the other hand, some people visit for the sole purpose of having fun at Walt Disney World. These fans must stay at Lake Buena Vista because there is easy access to this theme park. Along with Lake Buena, the area of Kissimmee is also a great place thus, housing a lot of fancy accommodations and villas.


Stay at a theme park hotel

Orlando’s theme park hotels can turn out to be the ultimate experience of your life. If you plan to stay at a theme park hotel, you will get early and easy access to the parks and will also get to experience a whole new atmosphere. Undoubtedly these park hotels can be a bit tad expensive than other accommodations but it is totally worth spending the money. The best way to save money and to have the best experience of your trip is to have some nights spent at regular accommodation and some at a theme park hotel.

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