Beautiful beaches to explore in Lebanon

Lebanon, also known as the Lebanese Republic, is a beautiful country situated in Western Asia. One of the most beautiful aspects of this stunning country is the summers when all the locals, as well as the tourists, get to spend their day by the beaches. The fascinating Mediterranean coast enveloping the lush green valleys, stunning beaches, and alpine peaks truly make Lebanon an amazing destination to visit to enjoy the beach life by basking in the sun and enjoying water-based activities. No matter the reason for visiting Lebanon, beach hopping is one of the must things to do here and luckily, the country boasts of several picturesque beaches that deserve your attention and needs to be explored. Another great thing about Lebanon is the pleasant weather which makes the whole beach hopping experience even more fun and relaxing.

We have put together a list of some of the most stunning beaches in Lebanon that are sure to leave you dumbfounded.


White beach

White beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful place to hang around by the seashore in Lebanon. It is a great place to visit to unwind from your daily life or stress. The blue sparkling water and white sand just adds to the beauty of this place and make it appear more scenic and tranquil. The gorgeous rocky coast is another highlight of this beach which makes it one of a kind place in the country. The beach follows a very clean, tranquil, and calm setting and does not get very crowded and because of that, it has always remained one of the most serene beaches to visit in Lebanon. The entry to this beach isn’t free but it also doesn’t charge too much. You can also enjoy a few delicacies in one of the cafes and restaurants located around the beach.


Tyre beach

Tyre beach is one of the most stunning and cleanest beaches to visit in Lebanon. The entry to the beach for everyone is completely free. The tourists, as well as locals, come to this beach in large numbers to admire the scenic view, tranquility, and the beautiful setting comprising crystal blue water and soft sand. The route to this beach is spellbinding and scenic in itself. You can spend your whole day on the beach to enjoy the beach life and you can also get to enjoy some delicious cuisines at one of the fine dining restaurants.


Benny beach

Benny beach, located in Chekka is one of the hidden gems in the country. It is truly one of the most astonishing and beautiful beaches to visit in Lebanon and the entry fee is also considerably low to be able to enjoy the gorgeous sand coast. This picturesque beach is very popular among tourists and the locals as well. The shimmery sandy coast and crystal clear water make this beach even more beautiful and a delightful place to enjoy a walk by the seashore or to just lounge around to bask in the sun.


Pierre & friends

If you are more of a party lover and still want to enjoy the beach life then Pierre & friends should definitely be on your radar. This place has the best beach bars to offer which give you the perfect chance to enjoy the exciting nightlife of this country. It is also one of the best beach bars in the world; therefore, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to make the most of your time in the country by visiting this beach. Great food and adventure combined with lots of sunshine, natural beauty and tranquil feel just get to every visitor. You can dance yourself to some music played by the renowned DJ.


Lazy B

The lazy B is a perfect destination for people who want to enjoy both serenity and the adventure life of the beach. Surrounded by the lush green ambiance, this place is truly scenic in its own way. The beach boasts of turquoise water and a sandy shore which adds a scenic touch to it. Another fascinating feature about this beach is the cool lounging areas and three swimming pools where you can hang out with your friends and family. Besides that you can also enjoy some cocktail here and no tropical vacation feels complete without having a sip of this drink.

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