Instructive Tips For First-Timer Hikers

Hiking is the best way to explore new places and hidden treasures of nature. It’s the way through which you connect to nature, get secluded, and rewind. Apart from this, hiking is also known to have various physical benefits. From preventing heart diseases, controlling cholesterol, to building strength hiking is all about some muscle flex.
But, not to forget it’s also very challenging that makes your legs constantly work. And, that’s why first-timers find the idea of hiking the trails very daunting. However, if you have the right preparation you can kick-off your first hike very smoothly.

We have fetched for you a few tips that will help you set the hike right. If you want to know what are the tips keep reading!


Choose the Hiking Trail Wisely

Even if you have picked the path you want to hike the first-time, rethink! Since you’re not a seasoned-hiker and hiking is a very serious business we want you to pick the smooth and easiest paths that are actually made for naïve hikers. The trails are very important and set the difficulty level of your hike, so choosing the trail is very important. We don’t want you to put too much strain on the very first hike so that next time you never think to hike.
Some of the best and easiest hikes for first-timers are mentioned below. You can definitely put one of these on your bucket list.

Lassen Peak Trail Hike- California
North Vista Trail Hike – Colorado
Glacier Point Hike- California
Coastal Trail Hike- Cutler, Maine
Hoh River Trail Hike, Washington


Training First

After you have picked your ideal destination depending on your fitness level the next thing to do is training yourself. Hiking is not something where you selected the destination, booked flights, packed, and boarded the flight. We told you it’s a serious deal!
You need to prepare yourself for hiking and the best way to do that is to practice hiking on any of the nearest trails. If that’s difficult to find go to the gym and do stair climber, it’s really important you build the stamina to walk long trails. Training is something even seasoned-hikers do before their hiking and you’re still a beginner hence, you can’t miss the training session.


Pack Lightly

Once, you have trained yourself and you’re all set to hit the path make sure you pack lightly. There is no point in carrying more than basic with you. Hiking is rejuvenation and we don’t want you to carry any extra luggage with you. Just pack the essentials that you’ll need during the hike. If you’re confused in making the check-list of your stuff here, is what you should carry along with you.
Weather-appropriate Clothing
Hiking Backpack
Sun Block
Flash Light
Good and Comfy Shoes
Lots Of Nutritious Snacks
A 3-liter Water Bottle
Navigation Tools
First Aid Kit
Fire starter


Protect Your Face

While you commence your hiking make sure you protect your face and wear layers. The best way to start a hike is to wear layers. As hiking is all about elevation you can’t predict the weather hence, wearing layers is the smartest move.


Eat And Stay Hydrated

Hiking is about putting a lot of strain on the body and physical exertion hence make sure you continuously eat healthy and nutritious snacks so that you don’t feel exhausted. Also, drink water and keep yourself hydrated. We would recommend you drink at least 3-liters of water during a hike so that you don’t feel dehydrated.

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