Must-see UNESCO world heritage sites in Asia

Apart from being the most densely populated region on the planet, Asia is also home to a vast number of majestical UNESCO world heritage sites. Getting declared as a UNESCO world heritage site is a huge thing in itself and being able to visit and explore one of such places is a very enriching and one of a kind experience. Natural landscapes, stunning temples, breathtaking landscapes, and historical cities are the major part of Asian countries and each site is unique and beautiful in their own way. Every country in Asia is home to some of the most magnificent UNESCO world heritage sites that are absolutely worth exploring. With the mind-boggling number of UNESCO world heritage sites scattered in the region, choosing the best among them can get a little too difficult for any person. And to help you out with that, we have compiled a list of spectacular UNESCO world heritage sites in Asia that you certainly cannot miss on checking out.


The Great Wall of China

Of course, no UNESCO world heritage sites list can be completed without adding the Great Wall of China to it. Even though it is still the most debated part that whether this iconic site is visible from space or not, the Great Wall of China remains to be one of the most spectacular UNESCO world heritage sites to visit in Asia. This huge wall is an epitome of what humans are capable of doing and is one of the man-made achievements in the world. The wall stretches for around 2000 miles which runs through 15 different regions of China. No matter whichever way you look, the scenery here is always phenomenal.


Taj Mahal

If you’re a history buff and like to appreciate the sites for their tremendous architecture then you should definitely consider visiting Taj Mahal which is considered to be the greatest Mughal architecture. Taj Mahal is one of the world’s most famous UNESCO world heritage sites and that too for all the right reasons. This mausoleum was built by the Mughal emperor for his wife Mumtaz as a symbol of love. It is India’s most recognized and remarkable landmark that lures millions of visitors each year. The architecture of this structure is truly beautiful which is made using white marble. It is literally a sight for sore eyes.


Angkor Wat

This is yet again one of those structures that are mostly recognized for its unique architecture. Angkor wat is a perfect example of classical Khmer architecture which was built thousands of years ago. Every year, the site is visited by millions of visitors to appreciate its beautiful and stunning architecture. This place is often mistaken as a single temple when in actual it is made up of hundreds of temple sites that are scattered through the area. The temples boast of detailed carvings that depict mysterious scenes which certainly gives the travelers a sense of curiosity and adventure.


Ha long bay

Who doesn’t love spending their time by the water? Well, we believe almost every person does and when the place is this beautiful and magical, you certainly cannot miss the opportunity of exploring this UNESCO world heritage site, ha long bay. Located in the province of Quang Ninh in northern Vietnam, ha long bay is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions which is admired for its gorgeous scenery and stunning landscapes. This beautiful spot boasts of thousands of limestone karst formations that emerge from the sea. You can explore the area by taking a ride on the boat or even a cruise as well.


Borobudur temple

Borobudur temple is the world’s largest Buddhist monument which is situated in the center of the island of Java in Indonesia. It is a major site for Buddhist pilgrims in Southeast Asia which features more than 500 Buddha statues and about 2700 carved reliefs. It is visited mostly during the sunrise or sunset as the view here can get pretty much astounding which is a great time to click some fantastic pictures.

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