Caribbean Budget Travel Tips

You might see traveling as a costly affair and to be honest some places can break your bank. But, the Caribbean is a great option for all the budget-travelers. The region is jam-packed with striking coastline, various adventure sports, iconic attractions, and delectable food that you might think comes with a hefty price tag. But, if you plan vigilantly you can save some huge bucks during your voyage.

If you’re a budget traveler and wondering to travel to the Caribbean region here are a few simple and effective tips that will make the voyage within your frugal budget. If you want to know the tips keep on reading!


Travel In Off-Season

The best trick to save some huge bucks for the same destination is to travel in an off-season. During the off-season, there is a fewer crowd and thus you get cheap accommodation, cheap travel fare, and everything on an affordable side. The off-season in the Caribbean region generally starts from mid-April to mid-December. Even you will see great deals in flights if you’re traveling in an off-season.
Hurricane season i.e. from August to October will help you get much better deals but this time is deemed as the slowest travel season thus we won’t recommend you at all.


Pick The Destination

The Caribbean is a huge region with a vast array of tropical destinations. So, you’ve many options to choose from. If you’re traveling on a budget we would recommend you pick the destinations that are on the affordable side. Jamaica is one such destination that you can consider if traveling on a budget but the Dominican Republic offers you great bargains plus the country is extremely beautiful and you won’t regret picking it. Even if it is considered to an affordable Caribbean option its rich in opulence.


Opt For Villas or Houses Rather Than Hotels

If you’re traveling with your family or have some companions with you or you’re planning a long vacation to the exotic Caribbean region you should opt for rented houses, flats, or villas than hotels. Guesthouses are very affordable and thus you won’t break your bank while booking the ideal lodging for you. And, besides being an affordable option you get to live in the place just like locals. And, the best part is you can even cook and thus save some huge bucks on accommodation. Many people go for hotels and if you’re comfortable with hotels we would recommend you to opt for all-inclusive ones.


Don’t Crave For A Beach View Accommodation

Another great tip on accommodation would be to get off the beach-side accommodations. The Caribbean region is generally seen as a beach destination and many people visit here just for the beaches and tropical vibe that compels the beach-side hotels to charge you with hefty prices. So, if you’re on a budget avoid picking such hotels. You can get the view by visiting the beach so there is no need to pay to the heavily priced hotels. Look for accommodation in the remote areas if you want to save.


Public Transportation

Some places in the region offer you quick, on-time, and reliable public transportation such as the Dominican Republic, Aruba, and Curacao but also there are some places we won’t recommend you to opt for public transportations there such as Puerto Rico. So, make sure you compare the prices of public transportation with the private ones and then go for the mode that is on the affordable side. Generally, public transportation is cheap and reliable unless you’re visiting Puerto Rico, so opt for public transportation wherever possible.

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