Why Belize should be on your 2020 bucket list?

Belize is a tiny country that lies on the eastern coast of Central America. It is an awesome place where you can enjoy many things. Lying on the Caribbean coastline, it is home to the world’s second-largest coral reef, the first one being the Great Barrier Reef. On the other hand, its interior is totally covered with lush green forests and dense jungle. There is a lot of adventurous stuff you can so at this exciting place for that adrenaline rush you always seek.
Belize is a place that reflects multiculturalism through its culture, food, and language. Apart from the main language English, people speak other languages such as Maya, Kriol, Garifuna, and Spanish. The country receives a lot of immigrants everywhere, primarily including the Chinese and sometimes Americans and Canadians as well. They add to the diversity of Belize making it a beautiful and special place. The country is very protective of its biodiversity, culture and also its insane natural wonders. It can be surely one of those countries you can add to your bucket list of 2020. Keep reading to know about the unique things you can at this place.

Stay in a luxurious beachfront hotel 

This is one of the things you can do to make your stay a memorable one in Belize. We would recommend you to stay at the Victoria House that is considered as the finest boutique hotel in the place. The place is on the beachside, from where you can witness the amazing turquoise water probably from every room. Also, you easily get to see the stunning sunrises and sunset views just a few steps away from the place you stay. The cost of these cabanas is just a fraction of what you pay at a bungalow in the South Pacific. Other accommodations are also quite cost-effective giving you some gorgeous views of the Carribean blues.

Visit the least crowded Mayan Ruins 

This is one of the things you will ever see in your lifetime. We are talking about Caracol here that is situated on the border of Belize, considered as its hidden gem. Unlike Tikal that receives huge crowds due to its feature in Star Wars, this place remains untouched by a vast number of people. Though it might not be quite impressive objectively as Tikal is, it is a place that has a unique charm while you climb its highest pyramid and witness some panoramic views of the whole landscape. Tikal will definitely attract you if you are a history buff. End your day at one of its pools as it is the perfect way to cool off in the scorching heat of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Order a bucket of Belikins and enjoy the sea

If you are here just to relax and have some leisure time, this can be the perfect way for it. Enjoy the sunny days of Belize by heading to Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker. There is nothing calmer and water bluer than the off coast of Belize’s Cayes. And when it comes to drinking, you have to order a bucket of Belikins for having the most awesome experience. It is the national beer of Belize that is basically 50% glass with very little beer. You have to have them in bulk to get tipsy.

Enjoy your own private tropical island for a day

If you want a small escape and some private time away from the hush-hush of the place, then head out to a small island called Ranguana by a short boat ride from the beaches of Placencia. Ranguana is a private island where you can take a day tour and spend your time while doing kayaking, snorkeling or paddle boarding. You can even laze out in the sun and relax on the pristine beach of the island.

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