Travel To Rabat- The city of Moroccan History

Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and this city is very famous for its Moroccan culture and historical museums. This city has a peaceful atmosphere, for every history lover, this place can be the true heaven for them. Therefore, if you’re thinking about going on a trip pack your bags and fly off to Morocco and visit the city of history ‘Rabat”.

Rabat is the charming and welcoming city of Morocco. This place offers you long lost histories and rich stories of Morocco. This is a very interesting and heritage location for every traveler who loves exploring the culture and history of every country. Therefore, today we are here the most amazing attractions of Rabat, where you can explore the true magical beauty of Morocco.

 Hasan Tower 

This magnificent masterpiece was constructed by the Almohads. the fragmentary Hassan Tower was the job of king Yacoub al-Mansour. This tower is very famous for its designs and architecture. If you love exploring architectural masterpieces, this can be one of the best places you’ll ever visit. Beautiful and complicated motifs cover up the Hasan tower’s façade and reflect luxuriousness that al-Mansour presented in the designs. This tower is located next door to the grand Mausoleum of Mohammed V.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V

The impressive Mausoleum of King Mohammed V stands in affirm on the very place were ahead of his arrival from exile in Madagascar. he assembled many Moroccans collectively to thank God for generous sovereignty to their kingdom. The lavish tomb chamber is brilliantly garlanded, with zellige tile work layering the walls of the majestic marble tomb. It displays the true tradition of Moroccan design. Moreover, non-Muslims are not allowed to enter in this place, until unless they properly dressed from tip to toe and ensuring their shoulders and knees are covered.

Andalusian gardens

The Andalusian garden is the habitat to the Palace Museum which displays enthralling exhibits representing Moroccan art and culture. The stunning gardens were created by the French people in the time of the 20th century. The best part you can see traditional Andalusian flora and fauna, inclusive with orange, banana and lemon trees. This can be an uplifting and soothing treat for you and You can relax near the calm oasis of this Andalusian garden.

Natural Science Museum

the Natural Science Museum of Rabat offers remarkable displays of dinosaurs and the history of the genesis of the earth. just the thing for the lovers of archaeology and the inquisitive minds, the Natural Science Museum has a bunch of history to offer.


This historical city is hidden in the core of Rabat. Chellah set as the leftovers of a pre-Islamic culture which was dumped in 1154. It is an impressive place, full of hidden history and fascinating buildings. Therefore, every traveler can come here and explore the Roman and Islamic wrecks, history of old morocco and relaxing in the bathing pool to a madrasa.

Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Arts

Morocco is popular for its modern art movement. Mohammad VI Museum Of Contemporary Arts is one of the top places to visit in Rabat. The assortment and remarkably modernized building dating reversed to the French colonial days. A stopover here makes an exquisite vibe for every visitor when they see magnificent traditional and cultural artisan work of Morocco. So, don’t forget to visit this wonderful place of history and arts to rejoice your holidays.

So, these were the topmost destinations of Rabat, where you can see the beautiful and hidden history of Morocco. So, plan up an exploring trip to Rabat and enjoy the serene peace of environment and magnificent history of Moroccan culture and traditions.

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