Tips for making your visit to Rome the best experience ever!

Rome is one of the most gorgeous destinations on earth, hands down and Romans are even more friendly. If you visit this place, you would love to go back every time and have the best time of your life. But if you are visiting for the first time, there are some things that you must know about and take care of. these tips will help you survive and follow the culture of Rome. They will also help you to explore Rome in the best possible way by saving your money as much. Have a look and make this trip worthy of your visit!


Tipping is not obligatory

In Italian culture, Tipping is not obligatory and is not even a part of their values and culture. While in other countries, this is considered as a status symbol and in some places, it is considered to be a human gesture. whatever it is, tipping is basically paying for the services that you have availed. But this is not a culture in Rome. In all the restaurants that you go to, you can expect to see a service charge added to the bill already. This means that they have already included the value of their services in your bill and that is why tipping is not necessary. Even if you want to add a tip to your bill payment, you can add one or two euros. Nonetheless, the amount is already included in the bill as ‘coperto’ or cover charge or you can pay for one bread.


Beware of Pickpockets

The one thing that you will find in the entire city of Rome is pickpockets. This is absolutely the craziest thing ever because they are literally all over the city and especially around public parks, sightseeing places like monuments and museums. This is something you must be aware of and not take it casually. As a tourist, there are so many things that you have other than cash- your documents, passport, hotel keys, etc. These must be taken care of and not let go of for even a second. You need to doubly aware of your surroundings when in Rome. Overcrowded with Tourists, Rome is always the hub of travelers and thus, pickpocketing is a normal thing here. Be adamant towards strangers who try to be over-friendly.


Dress Modestly in Church

Rome has a plethora of churches and cathedrals that have been here for the longest time. They are absolutely gorgeous and call for your visit every time you are in Rome. With over 900 churches in its boundaries, Rome has everything that one is looking for. The culture and traditions there are paid close attention and that is why you should always be careful while visiting a church. Respect their culture and follow their dressing whenever you are planning to wear a religious place. Dress appropriately while entering these holy spaces, for instance, women’s shoulders should be covered and skirts should be below the knee. Men should wear pants or shorts that extend to the knees.


Free sightseeing on the first Sunday of every month

This is the best part of Roman culture. On the first Sunday of every month, you can visit an array of museums, art galleries as well as archeological sites without paying the entry fee. It is absolutely free and thus calls for your visit for sure. You can save a lot of money with this benefit and why shouldn’t you? You are a tourist and you are supposed to save as much money as you can. State-owned parks and gardens along with some famous monuments can be visited on the first Sunday of every month. This will be the most delightful thing ever but since it is free, you will find long lines of the crowd outside these places. Show up early and start with less crowded destinations.


Buy Vatican tickets online prior

One of the greatest museums in Rome is the collection of Vatican museums that are surely the best thing you will ever see. Being one of the most popular attractions in Italy, it is visited by over 5 million people every year because it is just so breathtaking. And obviously, if you are going to Rome, you cannot let go of this place. Any trip would be incomplete otherwise. So, when you know it will be crowded, make sure you book these tickets online on the Vatican website prior so that there is no rush of getting into the line and waiting for your turn. The extra amount of €4 for booking online is well worth the time you’ll save by not waiting in line there.

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