The most gorgeous destinations to visit in Europe this spring

Spring season has almost arrived and so has the reason for you to plan your next adventure or expedition. While there are many countries and cities in particular that are worth exploring during spring but for this year we are all about Europe which is truly one of the most gorgeous countries in the world and is packed with some of the most amazing places to visit this year. Spring season is all about pretty blooms, romantic and peaceful feel, sweetness in the air and all things love; making this season the most wonderful time to visit Europe. From strolling around the old narrow streets of Venice to visiting the most magical and romantic city vienna, no matter where you decide to go in Europe, one thing is for sure that you will have the most amazing time during the spring.

Listed below are the best destinations you can visit in Europe during spring 2020.


If there’s one time in a year when you get to see Amsterdam coming to life and in its full glory, then spring season is just the right time to visit this place. It is one of the most photogenic places you can visit in the entire Europe where you can enjoy the beautiful view of iconic tulips which are spread over a vast flower bed situated outside of the city in the form of fields. To make the most of your trip to Amsterdam it’s better that you feel and explore the place like a local and we believe that there can be no better way than hiring a bike for yourself and if that’s not the case that you can totally choose to explore the place by walking on a slow pace and soaking every moment that you spend here.


Venice is a popular tourist destination for a reason and that can be attributed to its glorious beauty and unique highlights that it features. During summer which is the peak season, the city gets really crowded which is why it’s better to explore the place during spring which will mean you can easily stroll around the old narrow streets and won’t have to wait in long queues. While in Venice, don’t forget to make a visit to the nearby islands of Burano and Murano which are pretty unique in their own way. And due to the presence of colorful facades, Burano, in particular, is an extremely photogenic place.


We couldn’t forget naming this beautiful capital city of Austria which is truly the most magical and romantic place to visit in Europe for a perfect spring getaway. The old-world charm of the city is what makes this place stand out among all. From blossoming cherry blossoms to a myriad of quaint coffee houses with beautiful outdoor seating, there are endless things to do here. Check out the beautiful architecture of the city and stroll through a local outdoor market by renting a bike or taking a walk.


This Spanish city of Seville is much more than just the oranges, bullfighting, and flamenco. With it being the hottest city in continental Europe, you can enjoy plenty of sun here, if you are already looking forward to that summer heat. From street drinking to botellon, there are so many fun ways to enjoy your stay in the city. Take a stroll through the Guadalquivir River and discover the neighboring areas which are usually the parks such as maria Luisa park which is truly gorgeous. Plan your visit during the month of April when the city hosts feria de Abril or spring fare which is a legendary week that transforms the city into a lively fiesta featuring so many activities including music, drinking, dancing and many more things.


No matter the weather, the city will provide you with plenty of things to see and do here. If you are looking for a city break, look no further than Dublin as your choice of destination. The best time to visit the city is the spring season only which makes the city more lively and cheery. The city hosts a variety of festivals during springtime such as the musit town festival, Dublin dance festival, bloom in the park and numerous cooking, music festivals as well. If the weather is pleasant during your stay, you can take a stroll through its beautiful parks for a relaxing day/evening.

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