The most amazing and unique places to visit in Georgia

Caucasus mountainous village and black sea beaches, is probably how you would picture
Georgia. Located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, the country holds a high cultural and
traditional value which almost takes you back to old times while taking a stroll around its
villages and towns. You can see some of the tallest mountains in this country which makes for
the best hiking spots if you’re a thrill and adventure seeker. Over the last few years, Georgia has
gained quite a lot of popularity among the tourists and is now becoming one of the crowded
tourist destinations to visit in the world. With many monasteries present in the country and also a
budding wine culture, Georgia truly makes for a unique and interesting travel destination to visit.

Boasting some of the best places to explore in the country, Georgia might just be the next
destination on your travel list.


Besides being the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi is also a central transportation hub that is
packed with numerous activities and many wonderful sites to visit. When in Georgia, you just
can’t miss out on exploring the city which boasts of some of the incredible architecture such as
majestic Holy Trinity Cathedral, Narikala Fortress, etc. You will also find many traditional
restaurants in the city, offering delectable cuisines such as khinkali- Georgian dumplings,
khachapuri- a bread filled with cheese, and Kupati which is a little hard to find but is equally
tempting and delicious- sausages made from intestines, pork and spices. The nightlife is also
pretty lively here; you can explore the bars, restaurants, clubs, and venues with live music.


Mtskheta is literally the heart and soul of the country which is highly known for its religious
sentiments. This town is one of the oldest cities which is also home to the three most important
churches of Georgia namely- Svetitskhoveli, Jvari, and Samtavro Monastery. Because the town is
considered to be the center of Georgian Orthodox Church, you will find so many stone cathedrals
spread over the city. Both the Jvari monastery and Svetitskhoveli are the main highlights of the
city as the former one is considered to be the symbol of the early Orthodox Church in the city,
while the latter one boasts of wonderful architecture.


If you are looking for a perfect mountain getaway, then you can visit this stunning travel spot
which is an apt choice for every taste and budget. Whether you are an adventure and thrill seeker
or luxury lover, this place has everything for everyone. This spot attracts a lot of tourists each
year as it offers the most majestic views of the extensive glaciers and hiking trails luring many
active adventure enthusiasts. To get the most amazing hiking experience, make sure to visit the
Gergeti glacier where you can also spot the Gergeti trinity church which is located betweenStepantsminda and Mount Kazbek.


Located high atop of Caucasus Mountain, Ushgulli is a small community that consists of several
tiny villages in the mountainous region of Svaneti. Majestic mountains, deep gorges, wild water
is how you would best picture the town. Driving through the steep windy roads of this town is a
thrilling and adrenaline rushing experience in itself. Alpine meadow surrounding the beautiful
area makes for such breathtaking scenery along with snowcapped gorgeous mountains. You will
witness some of the most picturesque views of the villages when in Ushgulli.


If you want to get the taste of traditional wine of the country, then you should definitely visit
Kakheti which expertises in winemaking. Telavi, the epicenter of wineries and tasting
possibilities is the most famous town in the city. Almost every family in the town will have their
own fermenting in the basement. Not only the wine served here is pretty good to taste but it’s
also one of the most affordable wines in the world. The wine is not the only reason to visit this
place; you will also witness some of the most gorgeous sceneries and landscapes that will be
worth getting clicked.

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