Reasons to include Shanghai in your travel bucket list

Shanghai, also known by the names ‘the pearl of Asia’ and ‘the Paris of the East’, is often in headlines for economic and business reasons. Not only it is one of China’s cultural and economical hub but it is also the biggest and the richest city in the country. From lush green forests and fine dining restaurants to mouth-watering street foods and soaring buildings, everything about this city is truly magnificent.

Shanghai is partly known for tourists’ favorite historical landmarks and stunning skylines, the view of the city especially at night can never get tiring. The city overflows with a myriad of wonderful things that are plenty enough to lure just any kind of visitor to its threshold. We have endless reasons to list explaining why visiting shanghai is as worthy as visiting any other popular city in China.


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Shanghai is surrounded by water towns

Shanghai’s cityscape can change within miles and this multiplicity can easily be figured through its surrounding water towns. While Shanghai is a huge metropolitan city, there’s so much more to it than just tallest skyscrapers and skylines. If you look the other way to the city, you will find several water towns that provide a very unique experience as compared to the busy life in the urban area. The water towns of the city are completely devoid of tall and modern buildings, the only thing that you’ll find there are some riverside old houses offering a very authentic experience and gorgeous riverside scenery.


Shanghai’s appreciation for art

Whether or not you’re an art lover, the stunning arts displayed in every art museum of the city will compel you into liking them and that’s the beauty of this place. Shanghai is home to several art museums, with each one featuring a collection of gorgeous artworks. Yuz Museum, Rockbund art Museum, Shanghai Museum of glass are some of the best museums to visit in the city. Each museum features a collection of different arts such as old airplane hangar and its contemporary pieces (Yuz Museum), glass artwork displayed magnificently (Shanghai Museum of glass), and much more.


Rich history

One of the many reasons to visit shanghai is getting to know the city’s rich and fascinating history. Shanghai is one of China’s oldest open ports which has survived two world wars and has been home to Russian and Jewish refugees during such testing times of warfare. The colonial history of the city is truly fascinating and inspiring, and you can get a more deep insight into it by visiting one of the many museums in Shanghai.


The city has a colorful and diverse nightlife

One of the best highlights of Shanghai is its endless night out spots. There’s never a dull moment in the city that basically never sleeps. From nightclubs and bars to theaters and cinemas, the city features a countless number of nightlife spots that are sure to keep you up all night and make your night more lively and colorful. The night view of the city is simply amazing and it’s possibly one of the best times to explore its dynamic life.


The stunning skyline

From once being a small town to now becoming one of the largest cities in the world, Shanghai has come a long way and it rightly deserves to be labeled as an economic and cultural hub of China. The city is home to countless buildings and skyscrapers that together make for an amazing skyline. The urban area of the city is filled with several record-breaking skyscrapers and out of those, the shanghai tower is the second-largest building in the world that adds to grandeur appeal of the city.

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