Prevention tips to avoid motion sickness while traveling

Motion sickness is something that holds the ability to ruin your travel day. No matter how you are traveling, be it a car or an airplane, motion sickness can happen anywhere, especially if you have zero motion tolerance. If you are one of those people who suffer from the same problem, then you must know how wearing it can feel. The disturbance that gets caused to your inner ear due to continuous motion results in motion sickness. The sensitivity to motion in people varies from person to person, and everybody has got a different tolerance level. While some manage to have it under control, some others really struggle with it. But, we cannot let that disturbance in your ear ruin all the plans on the day of your travel. While motion sickness cannot be cured, but there are surely some ways that can prevent it from happening. If you don’t want your vacation to be ruined, it would be wise if you learn about some prevention tips that will minimize the chances of motion sickness.

We have listed a few prevention tips for you that will help to prevent or reduce the severity of motion sickness.

Don’t read or browse your phone while traveling.

To all the phone addicts and book junkies, we understand, resisting the urge to browse your phone or read your favorite book would be quite a difficult task to do especially when your trip is hours long, but if you are prone to motion sickness, you shouldn’t be doing any of it or else it could trigger the symptoms. Instead, you can plug in your earphones and listen to all the favorite tracks of yours to kill some time.

Try to pick a seat where you will experience the least motion.

The selection of your seat makes a major impact on the severity of your motion sickness. You should always try to pick a seat where you will experience the least motion, whether it be a bus, train, and even airplane, for that matter. The turbulence on planes can easily trigger the motion sickness; this is why your seat matters a lot. The middle part of the airplane over the wing is considered to be the calmest area, so you can make the bookings accordingly.

Pay attention to what you are consuming.

Food and drink is an important part of traveling. However, one should know what and when to eat. You should be fully aware of all the things you are putting into your body, be it food or drink, always watch it for its quantity. Avoid consuming anything that does not agree with you or make you feel unusually full. Consuming heavy meals, spices, and fat-rich food prior to or during your travel can further worsen the situation, so strictly avoid having them. Strong food odors may also trigger the sickness and also keep your drinking to a minimum.

Let the fresh air in

If possible, coming in direct contact with some fresh air can help you a lot with your sickness. You can crack open a window or vent or a source of fresh air to prevent motion sickness. Getting yourself close to a source of fresh air, even if it means getting yourself out from the suffocated area, should be the means of preventing or reducing motion sickness. If you are traveling by car, you can slightly open the window and always prefer window seats for your convenience.

Distract yourself by listening to music

Distraction is the key to stall motion sickness, and once your mind gets diverted, it will naturally make your travel easier. While some people like to kill their time by listening to some podcasts or audio books, but these two require concentration, which you shouldn’t be doing. Instead, you can put on some favorite dance numbers on your playlist and distract yourself from that nauseatic feeling.

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