Praslin Island- The Enchanting Paradise For Vacation

Praslin Island is one of the most beautiful and second largest islands in Seychelles. This pristine island offers you breathtaking attractions like beaches, rainforest jungles, natural reserves, museums, emerald-colored sea and thrilling adventures for you. This is the most excellent holiday destination for honeymoon couples, wanderlust people, and nature lovers and for the ones who love oceanic beauty. If you’re planning for a summer trip this year then somehow yes Praslin Island can be the most ultimate destination where you can have a great time.

Well, today we are here to give your crispiest information about Praslin Island that will help you to plan the most amazing holiday trip for Praslin Island. If you want to know more about this island then gear up you and read out the information mentioned below. We’re sure after reading this article; you’ll get a lucid idea about the majestic beauty of Praslin Island.


Best Time To Travel

Praslin Island is incredible where the climate is all time tropical. Though you can visit at any time of the year, you can avoid visiting during June and July because the temperature of this place can very humid and hot. The most ideal time to visit Praslin Island is between September to January because during that season the weather can be really pleasant and excellent enough for enjoying a vacation.

Top Exotic Attractions In Praslin Island

Anse Georgette Beach

This is the most beautiful and eye-catching attraction in Praslin Island. With a scenic view of tall palm trees, azure blue shimmer water, white sand, and luscious coral reefs will surely leave you speechless. For the people who love adventure for them, this beach is one of the most stunning beaches where you can enjoy thrilling activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing. Also, for every photography lover, this can be a true paradise where they can capture mesmerizing tropical views and romantic sunset. So, add this jaw-dropping Anse Georgette Sand beach is your travel list and enjoy a serene holiday time on the Praslin Island.


Cote D’Or Beach

Filled with white sand surface, huge rocks and turquoise colored seawater Cote D’Or Beach is like a tropical heavenly place for every traveler. This beach is filled with the most stunning and exotic resorts where you can enjoy your private time having delicious food and drinks. Apart from this, you can also enjoy an exclusive spa to beauty treatment services in the resorts. For the people who like an adventure for them this authority of the beach offers them snorkeling and motorbiking activities. Well, it true that this beach has so much to offer you to make every moment special. So, what are you waiting for? Get, set and fly off to Praslin Island and spend your holiday time on Cote D’Or Beach.


Anse Lazio Beach

Anse Lazio beach is one of the most popular and favorable beaches for the Tourists on the Praslin island. This golden beach is a picture-perfect paradise for every person because the lucid blue water, palm trees, takamaka trees, and clear sky will surely catch your attention. You can capture the most beautiful and striking sunset and tranquil beauty of the beach from night to daytime. Truly, this beach is like perfect heaven on the earth.


Vallée De Mai Nature Reserve

This is the most popular and rich palm forest on Praslin Island where you can enjoy the true beauty of green nature. This is the most beautiful and UNESCO Heritage site because of the rare nut trees that grow in this natural Reserve. This is the home of endangered species of Coco De Mer palm trees. You can roam around in this gorgeous natural reserve and enjoy the beautiful rich green natural view of the forest. Also, you can visit the George Camille Art Gallery and Praslin museum on this island.

Thus, we hope that now you can enjoy tropical escape holiday time in the tranquil beauty of Praslin island.

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