Places To Add In Your Zurich Itinerary

Sizzling nocturnal, infinite bars and restaurants, buzzing streets, and luxurious lifestyle, this Swiss city, Zurich is full of life and energy. Zurich is the financial capital of Switzerland and is labeled as the most expensive city in the world. Though, exorbitantly priced still the city is ranked among the most livable cities in the world.

The biggest city in Switzerland is a perfect blend of antiquity and modernity. You can spot urban districts boosting whilst cultural and historical areas. The city is crammed with pristine naturalscape that etches to mind and soul of the traveler. Switzerland is regarded as a hype among the world’s traveler and Zurich lives up to all that hype. The city has over 100 art galleries and 50 museums, thus an artist’s paradise. And the rich gastronomy and fancy chocolates make travel to this Swiss part an irresistible quest.

Since the city is brimming with inevitable beauty wherever you look, it becomes difficult to plan a short-itinerary. What places to include and what to not become quite overwhelming. So, to make your planning easy we have picked the best places to visit in Zurich so that you don’t miss the best of the place.

We have listed a few places that you should add to your itinerary ASAP.


Stroll Around the Lake Zurich and Limmat River at a Badi

A stroll around the Lake Zurich is affixed with breathtaking views and beautiful memories. The crystal clear water is enticing. If you wish to stopover Zurich in your Swiss itinerary you should by no means miss this place. You’ll find peaceful relaxation when you’ll visit this place- it’s kind of in the air. Don’t hesitate to mingle with the locals you’ll get to know the place in a much better way.
Zurich treats there visitors in a very luring manner. Badis are known as outdoor bathing areas in lakes and riverside. So, when you visit Limmat don’t forget to take a dip as every person over there does so.


Visit the Old Town

The old town of Zurich is a hotspot among Swiss travelers. The old town is situated on both sides of the Limmat River and is home to many historic sites. The town is also a food lover’s paradise as the plethora of cafes and restaurants serves you with the authentic Swiss cuisine. So, when you explore the old town don’t forget to stop by restaurants and cafes and savor the rich Swiss gastronomy and drinks. Also, dare you depart the place without tasting the city’s unique cheese, and chocolate truffles. We are sure you’ll love that.


Go Hiking

Zurich Mountains are perfect to go on a trek. The city has two mountains that serve you with breathtaking views and much better hikes. Zurich Mountains are world-renowned so when in Zurich do visit the spectacular tall peaks of the city- Zurichberg to the East and Uetliberg to the west. When compared both Zurichberg is slightly busier and Uetliberg offers you the best mountain-biking trails. Do reserve your two hours for this action-packed venture.


Visit The National Museum

Zurich is home to vast museums and art galleries so not all but definitely schedule some time to visit The National Museum. The museum takes you back to the rich history of the country and is a perfect way to get immersed in a living history experience. The museum is open on all days except on Mondays.


Discover the Vibrant Nocturnal

The city is as lively in the daytime as it’s in the night. The sizzling nightlife of the city is worth capturing. With more than 500 pubs, restaurants, and music halls- there is no chance you miss to discover all this at night. The dwindling streets, energetic people all around it seems the city never sleeps. Do check out nearby best pubs and bars and have fun.

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