Picturesque lakes in New Zealand: Make your visit worthwhile

A land of beauty in all possible ways: snow-peak mountains, picturesque landscapes, vibrant surroundings and tranquil flow of water make New Zealand an unmissable destination in the world. It is truly the best example of elegance and tranquil atmosphere and adds to the beauty of the world with its exclusive sightseeing lakes. Its natural glory has been intact for years now and will continue to remain the same. So, if you are an admirer of nature’s beauty, you must visit these beautiful lakes and make your visit worthwhile.


Lake Tekapo

With striking blue color and picturesque views, this gorgeous lake is one of the best in New Zealand and is known for its three parallel lakes. It is one of the three parallel lakes in New Zealand and is surrounded by huge snow peak mountains. This view is actually so stunning that you will love to gaze at it in awe. One of the most unique features of this lake is the existence of rock flour floating in the water. These small particles refract the sunlight and give the lake its typical color- striking blue shade. Isn’t it the perfect epitome of nature’s beauty. With so much serenity in its surroundings, Lake Tekapo offers a view with crystal-clear waters all year round and makes your visit a bliss every time. It is one of the most popular day trips there!


Lake Wanaka

Located in the region of South Island Otago, Lake Wanaka is an excellent choice for all those who appreciate the beauty of nature and keep it on a top priority. This lake is nearly 1000 feet above sea level and that is why the views here are truly quintessential. You can spend a good amount of hours here and make this one a delightful visit for yourself and your family. The nearby area and neighborhood towns near this lake are worth the visit and add to this wonderful experience even more. This way you can explore a lot of different places and make it fun and enthralling. Left behind by a glacier from the last ice age, this charming lake is the most perfect place for tranquility even for the locals living in the surrounding areas.


Lake Pukaki

Another glacial feature of New Zealand, this incredible Lake Pukaki is one of the most distinct lakes there. It boasts its beauty in the most exquisite way and makes the blue color outshine everything else. This blue color has come as a result of glacial erosion, thus making the most important feature of the lake. The shoreline of this lake also features a lot of different colors and this makes this site absolutely unmissable. Every place is adjudged by the surrounding regions and this lake is surrounded by the gorgeous Alpine region which further adds to the beauty. An impressive and vibrant place for your visit, this lake will be your best choice in New Zealand. Do not give this one a miss while you are there. Click amazing photographs and remember this one forever.


Lake Wakatipu

Known as New Zealand’s inland finger-lakes, Lake Wakatipu is also a must-visit for all the right reasons. It is located in the South Island’s Otago Region and is the longest of the country’s lakes. If this fact does not make you visit this one, then what else will? This incredible lake is surrounded by sky-high mountains covered with snow, thus making it a vibrant landscape view from a distance. A road full of twists and turns takes you to Lake Wakatipu and makes this journey even more delightful. You’ll have a fantastic view of the lake and the majestic mountains. Once you are there, you can indulge in boat tours and also go swimming in the sublime waters.

Emerald Lakes

The Emerald Lakes are located in Tongariro National Park. They are a part of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing where you can hike all day and make it a popular place for adventure and fun. If you look at this lake from a distance, it is one of the most spectacular views ever. As the name suggests, the color of the lake is emerald, thus representing the most unforgettable beauty in the world. This one is a result of volcanic eruptions which makes it even more popular in New Zealand. Different shades of blue like aquamarine, jade, and turquoise can be seen in this lake.

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