Photogenic spots to visit in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is one of those destinations in the world that is gaining more and more popularity among tourists for all the right reasons. The city is culturally diverse and has so many picture-worthy spots scattered around every corner. Whether it’s the beautiful aerial viewpoints or the religious statues and temples, each place is stunning in itself and is truly instagrammable. That’s not just it, Kuala Lumpur is not only known for its photo-worthy destinations, but it is also a popular and the most hyped choice among tourists for several reasons such as visiting the best tourist attractions, finding various fun things to do, indulging in delicious cuisines, etc. For all the photographers out there, this place is truly a paradise for you as there are a plethora of spots to visit in the city for that perfect Instagram picture. Now without any further ado, let’s discover some of the best spots that are sure to get you plenty of photo opportunities to capture the city’s finest beauty.

Petronas twin towers

Petronas twin towers are undeniably one of the most famous spots for photography in Kuala Lumpur. This tower is an iconic site to click selfies, and quite honestly, you cannot complete your trip to Kuala Lumpur without visiting this classic site. The twin skyscrapers towering above the city stands tall at the height of 452 meters. And that’s not just it, this 88-story building is known as the world’s tallest twin structure. There are two ways to get the best view of these towers, one way is to see it from the KLCC Park or another way is a beautiful fountain situated on the opposite side of the towers, this spot is quite famous for selfies.

Batu caves

Batu caves is a hidden treasure in the north of the city where you will find Hindu shrines and temples inside. The caves made up of limestones feature the giant Hindu deity statue in front, which is the most photogenic element of these caves. Each day, this spot attracts a large number of visitors and worshippers, making it the most popular attraction in Kuala Lumpur. To get the best shot of this place, stand quite far back so that you can also include the pretty, colorful stairs and the beautiful mountain along with the entire statue. The stairs are painted in a rainbow of colors, which makes for such a beautiful background when clicking the pictures.

Thean Hou Temple

Dedicated to the Chinese goddess of heaven: thean hou, this spot is one of the most beautiful temples to visit in entire Malaysia. It is Southeast Asia’s largest Chinese Buddhist temple with traditional architecture, even though it was built only a few decades ago. The colorful, ornate designs and the vibrant lanterns make this temple one of the best spots to click pictures. The hundred of lanterns hanged across the temple make for such a cool view to photograph. However, it’s not easy to reach the temple; you may require a taxi.

KL tower

To get the best view of the city from high atop, KL towers is the spot for you. From the outside looks of it, this tower may not fascinate you, but once you enter the building, you will definitely get to know why it’s must to visit this tower when in Kuala Lumpur. Located in the center of the city, this telecommunication tower gives you a 360 degrees view of the entire city, the platform is known as the Skydeck which allows you to have the best shots as there is no reflection of the glass in any of your pictures. You can head to this building during the sunset or blue hour for the best light.

Sultan Abdul Samad building

Whether it’s the Moorish style structure and design of the building or it being one of the oldest buildings in Kuala Lumpur, the Sultan Samad building is one of the most visited tourist places in Malaysia. The grandeur and the rich heritage make this site a treasured and historic landmark in the city. You can see a strong influence of western and Moorish style in its architecture, which is built entirely of bricks. This place is truly a remarkable site to visit, which will make for some really amazing photographs.

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