Phi Phi Island- Thailand’s Island superstar

Located between the large island of Phuket and the straits of malacca coast of Thailand are an island group in Thailand, widely known as phi phi islands. It is one of the loveliest islands in Southeast Asia. Comprising a total of 6 islands, this island is one of the major tourist attractions in Thailand. All the hype for this island is worth the consideration as it wouldn’t disappoint you with its alluring beauty and oh so gorgeous beaches. Of the two main islands located near Phuket and Krabi, one island (Phi Phi Don) attracts a large number of visitors on a daily basis to stay on the lovely shores, and it is also without roads while the other (Phi Phi Leh) island is completely free of human inhabitants. Phi Leh is home to several beaches and bays, including Maya Bay, which is worldwide famous, and several movies have also been filmed here, including the beach starring Leonardo Di Capri. This picturesque island is an ultimate holiday or getaway destination that has numerous things to offer and so many spots to explore for all the travelers. From tropical beaches to marine rich waters, this island is literally a perfect paradise for every beach lover.


Explore the beaches

Phi Phi islands are widely known for their beaches and one certainly cannot miss out on exploring the Koh Phi Phi Leh, which is the second-largest island in the small archipelago of Phi Phi. The Maya Bay, which hosts only one beach on this island, is the major attraction of this place as it became worldwide famous after the release of the movie the beach (starring Leonardo Di Caprio), which was filmed here. And for that reason, it attracts numbers of visitors on a daily basis who get a chance to witness the most beautiful beach on this island featuring pristine blue waters, white sand, and lush green tropical vegetation enveloping the area.


Visit the Phi Phi viewpoint

Whether or not you are a picture postcard person, this is a must-see attraction on this island. The Phi Phi viewpoint, creatively also named viewpoint 2 is the best amongst all the three viewpoints. To make the most of the view, it would be great if you head to the top during the time of sunset so as to get a beautiful view of the island. However, it tends to get really crowded and busy by the time of sunset, so you can head up early in the day to avoid the crowd. The picture-postcard setting makes everything feel so mystic and beautiful. You can reach the viewpoint from Tonsai Bay through a paved pathway, and it will hardly take you about 30 minutes to reach the spot.


Take a snorkeling tour

One of the plus points of Phi Phi is its marine life, and when given the opportunity, then how one can miss on exploring and experiencing the superb underwater flora and fauna. If you are here to enjoy the blue and crystal clear water and also the rich marine life of Phi Phi, then spending your day by the water will be the best thing to do. There are a number of diving spots on this island where you can witness swaths of brightly colored fishes and baby sharks as well if you are fortunate enough.


Have fun on captain bob’s sailing booze cruise

If you are here with your friends or are just a bunch of some partygoers, then you can really consider taking a fun ride on captain bob’s sailing booze cruise that won’t only be so exciting but will also let you discover the most beautiful sites of Phi Phi islands such as Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Loh Samah, Wang Long Cove, and Pi-Leh bay. All these things on an exhilarating captain bob’s sailing booze cruise are something that sounds fun and adventurous. The cruise visits all the places mentioned above and also feature some fun activities like kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, cliff jumping, monkey feeding, etc.


Chill with the monkeys at monkey beach

Yes, there’s a beach dedicated to the monkeys of the Phi Phi Island, and it is one of the major tourist attractions in Phi Phi. The monkey beach, as it is popularly known as is home to all the monkeys that live in the cliffs nearby the beach, and they come down to greet the visitors in the hope of finding something to eat. However, you are not allowed to feed the monkeys, and just in case you do so, you won’t only be fined but will also be held responsible for disrupting the animal’s natural environment by feeding them as it is a national park. Apart from that, this beach is also an excellent place for snorkeling.

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