Explore the land of Vietnam for a natural and historic retreat

Besides being recognized for its rich culture and history, Vietnam is also a nation that is packed with some of the most stunning white-sand beaches, beautiful seas and rivers, gorgeous mountains and deep valleys and not to forget delectable cuisines. It is truly one of the most spectacular Asian countries you will ever come across. Not only it is home to splendid sceneries but it also houses some of the most incredible places that are only nationwide popular but worldwide popular too. From monuments and delta creeks to ancient cities and impressive cave systems, the country boasts of a huge range of tourist places that are sure to blow your mind away with their natural beauty. No matter if you are an adventure seeker, nature admirer, or history buff, this place has everything to offer to everyone and that’s exactly why Vietnam has gained a reputation as one of the best countries to visit in the world.

If you’re ready to explore the majestic beauty of this incredible country, then make sure to put these beautiful places in your list that are an absolute must to visit for a great traveling experience.



Sapa is one of the most scenic places to visit in Vietnam. Surrounded by verdant rice fields and high peaks of the Hoang Lien Mountains, this place is mostly recognized for its spectacular natural beauty. No matter if you are an active traveler or an unhurried one, sapa has everything for everyone and that makes this place an excellent choice for all kinds of travelers. Spend a day or two in the valley to make the most of your time. You can enjoy some hiking along rice terraces or you can always enjoy some local dishes at one of the cafes and restaurants while taking in the view of the gorgeous mountains.


Ha long bay

Ha long bay is one of the main highlights of the country and you certainly cannot put an end to your trip without visiting this UNESCO world heritage site. It’s no joke being listed as one of the new 7 wonders of nature which makes it even more important for you to visit this place as you wouldn’t want to miss this golden opportunity to admire this breathtaking natural beauty of this absolutely beautiful place. From mesmerizing sunsets and mist rising off the water to mind-blowing kart landscapes and an abundance of awe-inspiring views, everything about this place is simply magical. This picture-postcard destination is worth every second of yours where you can find plenty of things to have fun.


Mekong delta

Mekong delta is one of the most interesting places to discover in the country. From lush greenery and rice paddy fields to floating markets and chaotic local life, everything about this place is quite amusing with a little rustic charm to it. This place follows a fascinating mix of nature and culture and it’s represented in the best way possible. Consider taking a boat tour as it is the best way to explore this beautiful place.


Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the most energetic places you will come across in Vietnam. This coastal town is filled with colonial houses, temples, lush gardens, glowing lanterns, and much more. It is a lovely place to visit and it certainly doesn’t disappoint the tourists with all the things you can see and do here. This UNESCO world heritage is an ideal destination to experience the old world charm.


Cu Chi tunnels

Stretching at a length of 250 km, the Cu Chi tunnel was constructed in 1940 which was created for communication purposes. It was used as a hiding place during the Vietnam War against France as well as during the American war. For all the thrill-seekers, you must consider visiting this tunnel system which comprises of meandering tunnels, hidden doors, weapon storerooms, and several other exciting elements.

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