Essential tips for first time visitors traveling to Japan

Visiting a different country always takes a whole lot of effort and pre-planning so that the whole trip goes smoothly without any obstacle and difficulty. It’s good to be well prepared, and that also means to get well acquainted with a few essential traveling tips before visiting a particular country. Every country differs in its rules, cultures, and languages, which also means that there are different sets of traveling tips that are made varying from country to country. Whether you are traveling alone or with your friends and family, either way, one has to ensure that they face no trouble, and their trip goes as smoothly as it should have gone. There are a few common traveling mistakes that many tourists make time and again, which directly or indirectly make a negative impact on their traveling experience.

If you are planning to travel to Japan any time soon, then you will need to prepare yourself well for a smooth and hassle-free trip. We have made a list of a few traveling tips for you so that you can make the most of it and mark it as the most amazing trip of your life.


Keep cash always handy

One of the most important things to know before visiting Japan is to be aware of the fact that Japan is mostly a cash-based society. And most of the places don’t accept credit cards. Instead, they only prefer taking cash. You would be surprised to know how many businesses in this country only accepts cash, and that includes grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, local shops, etc. It means you will always have to carry plenty of cash with you so that you don’t run out of it at the time of need. Just make sure to keep the cash in its best state as giving the crumpled one is considered a rude gesture.


Learn a few Japanese words and phrases

Greeting the local community of the country in their native language is something that everyone takes as a really nice gesture. It reflects your way of showing respect for the country as well as its fellow natives. The language barrier between the visitors and the local community can be a concern for some. But as long as you learn a few Japanese words and phrases, there won’t be a problem, and also learning Japanese will help you in the long run. You may find some people who are good at speaking English, especially at the railway stations, airports, and major tourist attractions.


Mobile data/Wi-Fi hotspot is essential

The minute you land at the airport, the first thing you will need to get is a local sim so that you can assess the internet to help yourself get acquainted with the new and unfamiliar city. With the help of the internet, you can browse through certain apps that are meant to help you in getting acquainted with the city. Also, you can take the help of Google maps to find the way around the city. Besides that, Google can also help you with the translations that you find hard to understand. Or another way is to get an econnect hotspot that will instantly provide data connection on your phones.


Pack according to the season

Packing can be the most stressful thing, but it should always be done according to the current weather in the city. There are all different seasons in Japan that changes drastically after every few months. Before anything else, you should know about the approximate temperatures at the time of your visit and then pack accordingly. If you plan on visiting Mt Fuji or partaking in hiking activities, then make sure to carry the right gear and footwear.


Create an itinerary


Planning everything beforehand can help you save a lot of time. Creating a detailed itinerary will allow you some flexibility and will also help you with daily travel. Make notes of each day and plan everything beforehand about things like where you will stay, how you will spend your day, what all places you will be visiting, and many more things.

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