Essential things to know before visiting Hawaii

Hawaii is one of those destinations in the world, where there can never be a dull moment and your whole vacation is spent in pure bliss and contentment. There’s something very alluring and captivating about this place, which is the reason why it manages to draw a huge flock of tourists at its footstep every year. Although this island state is very much part of the US, it feels nothing like the country and has its own distinct vibe, which feels completely foreign and phenomenal.

Hawaii is a land of picturesque beaches, fascinating history, delicious cuisines, centuries-old language, different dress codes and not to mention, amazing hiking trails. The beauty of this breathtaking place is incredibly hard to put in words. Visiting Hawaii is the only way of taking in its beauty and gain an experience that’s simply amazing and unforgettable. And much like any other destination in the world, Hawaii has its own set of customs and traditions, being a tourist; it’s your responsibility to act responsibly on foreign land and not do anything that can leave the locals offended.

We have put together a list of some of the most useful things that every person traveling to Hawaii must know to make their experience even better and delightful.


Not everyone who lives in Hawaii is Hawaiin

This is a very important thing to consider when you’re in Hawaii. Not all the people who live in Hawaii are Hawaiians. No matter how long you have been living in Hawaii, it doesn’t make you a Hawaiian. People who belong to Hawaiian ancestry are the only ones who are considered Hawaiians. They are the indigenous people of this island, whose ancestors inhabited this place many years ago. As for other people who have been residing on this island, they are referred to as locals or kamaaina.


Respect the land

Hawaii is steeped deep into the culture and for them, their land is extremely important and they believe in keeping it litter-free. Of all the residents of Hawaii, the native Hawaiians are most particularly very dedicated towards taking care of the land. And owing to their belief, Hawaii has been kept very neat, filled with greenery and breathtaking landscapes. Therefore, you must try to possess the same quality and try not to litter any place, or else you may offend some Hawaiians and may also get fined.


Island time is the real deal in Hawaii

For all those people who think Hawaii works the same way as any other city in the US, you need to visit this place to get a better understanding of how things work in this state. Island time is one of the things in Hawaii that can leave you surprised, it is a real deal and things do move slowly here. Call it extreme patience or anything you want, but the locals of Hawaii do things at their own slow pace, which is very normal to this island state. Whether it’s driving or services at bars and restaurants, they take their own sweet time to get around and your hasty attitude will not make things any better, therefore, it is for best to get accustomed to this thing till the time you are in this state.


Don’t go rogue while hiking

No matter how much of an adventure-junkie you’re, risking straying away from the marked hiking trails in Hawaii can put you in a troublesome situation, which can be extremely dangerous too. Signs throughout the hiking trails are there for a reason and your carefree or casual attitude towards those warning signs can leave you in a deep problem. As a precautionary measure, you should always do some research before hiking any trail and you can always ask the locals for their advice, as nobody knows this place better than them. Therefore, pay heed to their advice.

The sun can be unbearable

While we have to admit that Hawaii is one of the best tropical destinations in the world, it’s also no secret that the sun here can be unforgiving, owing to its remote location nestled in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The sun rays are extremely strong here, which can result in sunburn and sunstroke, neither of the two is a great way to start your vacation on this island state. Therefore, it’s best to slather on some sunscreen with good SPF all over your body, especially when heading to the beach. Also, bring along your hat to keep your head covered and protected from unbearable sun rays.

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