England travel guide: Things to know before visiting the country

As much as we love to travel and explore all the new destinations, preparing yourself for the same can be a little daunting. A little preparation beforehand can make things so much easier for the person traveling to a different country. Doing prior research about the destination you will be visiting can help you ease into the new environment like a breeze. And this mainly includes transportation, accommodation, planning your itinerary and whatnot. But not everybody has got time to do a detailed research on the place they are visiting. This is when a little guide can prove to be very helpful to you.

England is a country of rich culture and history which is packed with so many landmarks and attractions in every other corner. While it’s a place that is quite popular among the tourists but you should always come prepared beforehand so that you can blend with the country’s lifestyle in the most seamless way. If you have been planning to visit the country anytime soon, then make sure to go through this guide where we have compiled a list of a few useful things that you should know before visiting England.


Stand on the right

Always make sure to stand on the right side of the escalators and stairs when in England. It is a general rule across the country that you must follow all the time, especially when you’re in London. If you want to make sure that you don’t end up upsetting the locals in the country then always stand on the right side of escalator and stairs so that all the people who are in rush can get past you from the left side without causing any inconvenience to either of the two.


Brits love a cup of tea

Tea lover or not, you better get used to seeing a lot of tea around the country as it is what most of the Brits consume in the country. Basically, you can say that it is the national drink of the country which Brits certainly cannot do without. What coffee is to you is tea for them. It is usually consumed as a black tea along with milk. The English people start their day by drinking tea and throughout the day they keep having several cups to keep themselves relaxed. Many people also love drinking coffee but for the most part, you will come across people who dearly love their tea. You will always be offered a cup of tea wherever you go.


Never jump a queue

English people take their rules very seriously and you wouldn’t want to do anything that can offend the locals. One of the most followed rules in the country is standing in a queue politely and appropriately without pushing into a queue. So the next time you are standing in a long queue, no matter the place, be a little patient and wait for your turn without offending anybody.


The country is a little expensive

Well, this is not new to us, but you should come well prepared especially when you’re traveling on a budget. Staying in England can turn out to be pretty expensive mainly due to the transport, attractions and accommodation which is why you should look for ways that can cut short your expenses and at the same time you can enjoy your stay without facing any financial trouble. All it takes is learning a few smart tricks that can help you save some bucks even if you’re traveling a city like London. You can use transportation that doesn’t cost you bomb like taxis do, buy the food at grocery stores instead of cafes or restaurants, visit free attractions and many such things.


Get used listening to the word ‘sorry’

The Brits are very well behaved and well mannered in nature. They generally are very polite in nature and sometimes that politeness may come across a little extra and weird to you. But mind you, that’s the good manners that speak for them. English people have a strange habit of saying sorry more often than required. While you may know of only one meaning to sorry and that is to apologize but for Brits people, they have different meanings to it. You will hear a lot of sorry especially when someone has to barge past you while you’re coming in their way.

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